Piersanti has developed a framework that compares what he calls the “traditional command and control” leadership paradigm with a “new leadership paradigm.”  In his chart “The New Leadership Paradigm,” he lays out 10 dimensions of the old command-and-control leadership paradigm and 10 corresponding dimensions of  the new paradigm, which might be called “shared leadership,” “servant leadership,” or “collaborative leadership.”

Excerpts and table below from: The New Leadership Paradigm by Steve Piersanti, 2017.

Traditional Command & Control Paradigm

New Leadership Paradigm

Organization as Pyramid Organization as Network
Top-Down Leadership Everyone as a Leader
Control Collaboration
Profit/Money-Driven Meaning/Purpose-Driven
Self-Interest Service
Winning/Competing Loving/Caring
Class Systems Egalitarian Structures
Exclusion and Privilege Diversity and Inclusion
Information Restricted Information Shared
Top-Down Change Whole-Systems Change

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