The T7 Model of Team Effectiveness

“Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger developed the T7 Model in 1995 in hopes of better understanding the factors behind team effectiveness. What they came up with was five internal factors and two external factors—all beginning with the letter “T”, hence the name.

Internal factors:

  1. Thrust: The team has a shared purpose.
  2. Trust: Team members have confidence in each other and can rely on each other.
  3. Talent: Skills to make things happen.
  4. Teaming skills: The ability to work as a team.
  5. Task skills: The successful execution of tasks.

External factors:

  1. Team leader fit: How well the leader works with the team.
  2. Team support from the organization: How well the organization works with the team which includes resource support and the authority to do things.

All seven factors are imperative in ensuring high team performance and effectiveness. The effort of the internal factors would be wasted if the external factors didn’t come into play.

Best suited for: Teams and/or people who want to understand the elements that impact team effectiveness, and how they operate with one another.”

The T7 Model of Team Effectiveness

Image via The Korn/Ferry Institute

Excerpted from:  “7 Popular Team Effectiveness Models and What they’re Best Suited For”


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