“Survive + Thrive” by John Kotter (et al) (2019)


John Kotter has used the undefined term “human nature” for decades now to explain why the sorts of generalizations I make about organizations and managers seem applicable anywhere: in different countries, industries, corporate cultures. The patterns he sees help explain superior or inferior organizational performance, leadership, and management cut across settings because – at some level – people are people. But until recently he had not tried to clarify what this mysterious human nature is, or how it relates to superior performance in general and, more specifically, leading complex change. With the help of inspiration from some of his colleagues (Russell [...]

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“The Psychology Behind Effective Crisis Leadership” by Gianpiero Petriglieri (2020)


It is often said that a strong vision makes a good leader. But in a crisis, people don’t need a vision to inspire them–they’re already raring to act. Instead, they need what psychologists call “holding”–leaders who acknowledge their emotions and give them a sense of context and reality. Holding allows people to channel their desire to act into something purposeful, and it allows them to more fully be themselves (and thus to be more mentally healthy). People never forget how managers treated them when they were facing loss. It is leaders who hold through this crisis, the author believes, who will [...]

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Leadership Guide to Conflict and Conflict Management


“A part of effective leadership is caring for and supporting one another, even when there is conflict or a difference of opinion.” -Ty Howard Introduction Conflict may occur between people or within groups in all kinds of situations. Due to the wide range of differences among people, the lack of conflict may signal the absence of effective interaction. Conflict should not be considered good or bad, rather it may be viewed as a necessity to help build meaningful relationships between people and groups. The means and how the conflict is handled will determine whether it is productive or devastating. Conflict has [...]

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