About this site

This site is intended to support you on your leadership journey to becoming the leader you aim to be.  The site has 10 leadership “destinations” that offer resources to help you hone your leadership skills to meet various leadership challenges at each destination of your journey.

The leadership journey begins with “Who Am I as a Leader?” as you get to know yourself and your own leadership style.  From there, you can explore how to hone your knowledge and skills to be an effective leader in increasingly complex leadership contexts by visiting the “leadership destinations” in which you currently find yourself. With an easy to follow map, you can start at whatever level you would like to improve your leadership knowledge and skills. Leadership content is organized in the following manner:

Each leadership destination provides resources and information about approaches and perspectives related to the destination, skills and attributes necessary to be an effective leader in that context, tools and other resources presented in diverse media formats including articles, books, podcasts, and videos.

The site also has a forum feature that allows you to connect with other members for peer to peer conversations and/or to participate in group discussions about different leadership topics.

About Policy LINK

Policy LINK strengthens the leadership capacity of public, private, and civil society actors and fosters collective action among them to transform policy systems. Building on the successes of Africa Lead’s nearly decade of programming, Policy LINK does this through a range of core services, including:

Transformative leadership training. Policy LINK offers a range of leadership training programs to develop the “soft skills” of public, private, and civil society actors, including a five-day Champions for Change course and a six-month executive leadership program as well as bespoke options.

Participatory stakeholder and network mapping to improve decision making and resource allocation. Policy LINK uses a variety of participatory mapping techniques, both for systems and stakeholder mapping, to catalyze, scale and sustain organizational and institutional change.

Facilitation of a common vision and actions from all parties for a mutually beneficial solution. Policy LINK uses a facilitative leadership approach and a set of resources to catalyze and strengthen multi-stakeholder coordination and inclusive dialogue among actors at all levels.

Joint work planning at local and community levels. Policy LINK offers participatory tools and approaches to strengthen the local systems to increase community and private sector participation in policy discussions, improve collaboration, communication, enhance the coherence of policy implementation, and ensure donors’ work aligns with and advances national, regional and other partnership goals.

USAID implementing partner coordination. Where implementing partners are working in isolation, Policy LINK can apply USAID’s collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) methodology and get them to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Platforms for knowledge sharing and learning. Through peer to peer networks, virtual and in person dialogue, and online learning and collaboration tools, Policy LINK facilitates global learning and knowledge management for policy